I located the hub of this business in my hometown of Flint to empower inner-city adults with jobs.  Flint, MI has had a long history of unemployment, poverty, violent crime, and most recently experienced lead water poisoning which negatively affected the kids, adults, and the elderly. 


Seeing the devastation of these long-term problems has motivated me to grow and use my business as a vehicle to uplift a hurting city population by providing new jobs, creating men’s mentorship, entrepreneurship, and vocational trade school opportunities for Flint inner-city young and middle-aged adults.  

In March of 2021, I decided to add oral care products to our product line-up as an everyday consumer product to address the growing problem of gum disease.   


We are vendors with the Veterans Administration, Meijer Corporation, Landmark Food Center and are poised to continue growing our products across America. 

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